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Why Carteret Mortgage as your Virginia Mortgage Lender?

Experience and Professionalism. The time to listen. The knowledge of the Virginia mortgage lender. Real customer service.          

Virginia Mortgage Lender 

I am a Virginia Mortgage Broker and offer extensive consumer information on this site.

Virginia Mortgage Lender offers First Time Homebuyer Programs 

Shopping for a  low down payment loan? I offer 18 mortgages requiring less than 5% down! Information on FHAVA loans and No Down Payment Loans included.

Remodeling and Home Construction Mortgage Loans in Virginia

Extensive information on construction and remodeling loans for Virginia properties including 100% financing! This is a specialized area and I have years of experience with the process. 

No Documentation Mortgage Loans from a Virginia Mortgage Lender

I offer an extensive No Doc loans section for Virginia residents with difficult to document income or asset situations. 

Virginia Mortgage Lender offers a Refinance Center

Large section covering the refinance process for Virginia properties



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Extensive consumer information on construction,remodeling, first time homebuyer,and no documentation mortgages.