Types of Mortgage Products


Mortgage Products Mortgage products provide secured forms of real estate financing. Many borrowers obtain long-term products to secure a low monthly payment. However, a variety of financing products may be used to meet your specific needs. Generally, an application is required to apply for a home loan. If you are shopping for a new home, a loan officer may be able to provide an approval for a property that you want to buy.

Types of Mortgage Products

Fixed-rate home loans and adjustable-rate loans are popular lending products. Fixed-rate loans are frequently used for payment safety, as a borrower’s financing terms will remain unchanged for the duration of the loan. Adjustable-rate loans are generally used to obtain low monthly payments or to secure financing for a shorter term. Hybrid loan products such as interest-only loans, option arms and other products are available too. Commercial banks generally provide convention home loans to meet the needs of its customers. Some banks and other lending institutions offer government-backed loans such as Federal Housing Administration loans and loans through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reasons to Apply for a Home Loan

Mortgage loans are used to finance the purchase of a home, to refinance an existing home loan or to borrow a portion of the equity within a home. Borrowers who refinance typically aim to procure more favorable loan terms. Home equity lines of credit or cash-out refinancing can position a homeowner to borrow against their available home equity. If you find a home that you want to buy, a home loan can be used to leverage the cost of the property. Several reasons can justify the desire to apply for a home loan. Mortgage loans are frequently sought, as secured property loans generally provide the lowest form of consumer interest rates. Home loans typically provide longer financing terms than other lending products.

Qualifying for a Home Mortgage Loan

Several factors are reviewed to determine whether an applicant is qualified for a home loan. Generally, a credit examination is conducted before a lender issues a loan commitment. A lender will also review the borrower’s recent income history to ensure that the requested loan is affordable. An appraisal of the subject property, personal bank statements and other items may be considered too.

Where to Obtain a Mortgage Loan

Borrowers are encouraged to seek financing from their banker, credit unions, community banks and mortgage brokers. National lending sources are available online. You can find information about home loans on the Internet too. Using online tools, local newspapers and the telephone, you can comparison-shop several lending sources to obtain an attractive home loan.


Qualified applicants can select a variety of loan products to finance a home. Before contacting a lender, you should review a copy of your consumer credit report and your credit score. The lending criteria may vary among banks. However, you can share your credit details with a loan officer to determine whether your consumer payment history and your credit score merits consideration for financing.

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