Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly


Selling Your Home┬áIn order to make a quick sale on your home, you need to get your home into a state of attractiveness. Your goal should be to make it look even better than the homes you’re competing with. It’s hard to believe, but even homes listed online will reveal messy rooms and cluttered yards. People just haven’t taken the time to clean their homes up before they have the pictures taken. Let’s face it, first impressions are crucial to selling a home. They leave pop cans on the counters, the television is on, and papers are strung across the lawn. This is ridiculous. The least they can do is clean the mess up before they snap the pictures.

They should tidy up the surfaces first. Clear away the dishes and all the clutter of the day. This is the least you can do for a buyer, so they can see what the home looks like beneath. Make all the beds. Then if you’re really serious, have a walk around and look really hard to find any places where improvements can be made. Do you have things that hold sentimental value but detract from the overall mood of the room? If so, take it down or pack it up. You’ll be glad later on for two reasons – one, potential buyers aren’t going to be distracted by it now, and secondly, you’re going to be that much closer to being packed when moving time comes.

Now give the house a second look-over. Are any rooms too crowded? If there is more furniture than needed, or that what looks comfortable, remove and pack some of it up. It’s the same for any ongoing projects you may have going. If you are no longer actively working on these projects, pack them away until after you move. One really good idea is to rent some storage space for cleaning up the home to make it ready for sale. It will also reveal just how much clutter your home had in it before your critical eye removed it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to empty the whole house out, especially to the point where it looks un-lived in. To the contrary, you want it to feel homey and cozy. A balance exists between cluttered and homey, and this is where you want to aim. After your clean-up that involves the kitchen and the bathrooms, make your beds and place the couch pillows neatly on your couch. Adjust the rest of your decorations in such a way as to accent your rooms. You can place some matching candles on your mantel, or a new teddy bear on your made up bed.

To liven rooms up and make them feel warm and live-able, turn your lights on. Many times pictures taken to sell real estate are taken at night after the owners get home from work. A dark window or closed blinds give a home a dreary feeling. Get your agent to come on a day when you can take the pictures with sunlight coming through your windows. It takes a combination of both artificial and natural light working together to really make a good impression.

When it finally comes time to show your home, put on some soft, mellow, quiet music. It’s always best to leave your TV off. Make sure your rooms all have a pleasant smell and you’ll be sure to impress your potential buyers.

When you make your home to stand out, then you increase the chance for making a quick sale, and for getting the price you ask for. You really are doing yourself a favor when you take these tips to heart, and prepare your home for viewing. It’s well worth the extra effort.

About the Author: NVA Admin