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Refinancing Your Home Mortgage Loan

Refinancing your home mortgage loan may save you money but, before you make any decision on a mortgage, a Refinancing Home Mortgage Loan Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist can do a comparison so you know you are making the right choice for your specific circumstances. I have extensive experience with refinancing home mortgage loans and can reduce the paperwork and cost when refinancing your home mortgage. I offer zero point home mortgage refinancing loan products with no origination fees to save you money on your closing costs.

Why consider refinancing your home mortgage loan?

1) Lower your mortgage payment by reducing your interest rate or converting to an Interest Only Home Mortgage Loan.

2) Debt consolidation home mortgage loan is often the primary reason many people refinance their home mortgage. Make sure any debt you are carrying is "tax advantaged" rather than consumer debt. I can show you the right way to structure your individual debt situation.

3) Pay off your home mortgage loan early by reducing your term from 30 years to shorter terms to time the mortgage payoff with retirement.

4) Take cash out for any purpose including investments. As a real estate investor, I have helped hundreds of my clients build their real estate portfolio and the initial down payment often comes from refinancing your home mortgage loan.

5) Reduce interest rate risk by converting from an adjustable to a fixed rate loan. Or, see how converting from a fixed rate to and adjustable tied to the period of time you plan to be in the home can substantially reduce your home mortgage loan payment.

I also offer No Documentation Loans for individuals with non traditional asset, employment, or income situations.

Find out more about Streamline Mortgage Refinancing for your FHA, VA or Conventional home mortgage loan.

More about eliminating PMI when refinancing.

Calculate your "Payback Period"  to verify refinancing makes sense in your specific situation.

I am always happy to create a Good Faith Estimate before you apply or have your credit .

I have helped many clients release equity from their home or investment property. One key to a secure financial future is keeping your assets working for you. Releasing equity by refinancing to make additional investments creates additional cash flow and asset growth. Working with your financial planner, I can help you see how releasing the equity in your home, with the proceeds invested for safety and liquidity can substantially improve your overall financial position. I can help you understand the tax implications of any mortgage refinance strategy. Call or email me to discuss the specifics of your mortgage refinancing goals.

Learn more about home mortgage loan refinancing closing costs.

If you already have an excellent rate on your first mortgage, I have extensive information available on home equity loans and a home equity line of credit as well

I have included a section on the new Cash Flow ARMS. A LIBOR or MTA based product which gives you complete flexibility in managing your mortgage.

As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, I offer an analysis of your situation today can make suggestions on how small changes in how your consumer and mortgage debt is structured today can have a life changing effect in the years to come.  Read more about this free, no obligation service.

Refinancing your Home Mortgage LoamPrequalify for Refinancing Your Home Mortgage Loan 

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