Real Estate Investing

home For over a year the Real Estate industry has been predicting that the worst is over and that home values will stop falling and then will slowly start rising again.

Selling by FSBO
One of the main advantages of selling your home with a real estate agent is the fact that the agent will have a large network of connections that can be used to market your home.

Buy Foreclosures

Due to the recession there are more foreclosed homes available for purchase than ever before. These homes may offer a good deal to new buyers as these homes often sell far below market value. However, knowing when to buy that foreclosed home is an important first step.

My House SoldAre you having a hard time selling your home? Is your home up for sale through a realtor? Real estate agents have higher chances of selling homes as opposed to the home owner. If a realtor is having a hard time selling your home, there is definitely something wrong.