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Rate Watch Service

RateWatch can keep you from missing critical windows of financial opportunity

For most of my clients, their home and mortgage are both their largest asset and debt. Managing that large debt is usually the single most important factor in an overall financial plan. However, trying to follow mortgage plans and rates can be very time consuming and frustrating. My new RateWatch service is a quarterly report which comes to you by email and compares your current mortgage rate and program to those available in the marketplace which will give you the tools necessary to manage your mortgage by keeping you informed and aware of the most important financial changes in the market.

Too many times over the years I’ve had clients call about refinancing their home two weeks too late.  Interest rates had climbed back up.  They tell me, “If only we had known rates were so low, we would have refinanced.”  Unfortunately, once that window of opportunity to save money by refinancing slams shut, it often stays shut for years to come.

To solve that frustrating and costly problem for my clients, I have created the RateWatch service.

My clients are automatically enrolled in this program when they close a loan with me but I am expanding the service and making it available to my website visitors as well. This means you will receive regular updates that compare your existing mortgage to current market rates. 

You will see in black and white whether it is time to refinance or not.  And you will receive this information in time to take action if the savings are enough. RateWatch will also inform you about how much money you can save and how quickly you can build equity by making a small additional principle payment every month. 

What you will NOT get is bothered by spam. Your personal information is never shared outside of my office.  I have made available a sample copy so you can see what you will get. If you would like to receive this valuable service, please complete my simple RateWatch form.

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