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The Nehemiah Conventional Loan Program allows more flexibility than the standard program with loan amounts up to $300,700 but still only requires a 1% down payment. A combination of a 97% first trust and a 5% second trust gives you the ability to finance 102% of your sales price. However, you must still contribute 1% of the sales price.

    No seller contribution required

    102% financing

    97% First Trust 30 Year Fixed

    5% Second Trust 20 Year Fixed

    Maximum $300,700 First Trust

    You must contribute 1% of the sales price from your own funds

    3% Seller Contribution allowed

    Minimum Credit Score is 620

    No cash reserves required

    No income limits

I have a page on calculating first time home buyer program qualification ratios. I have a page on first time home buyer mortgage documentation requirements.

Learn more about first time homebuyer programs in the Mortgage Library  I also have a Free report "Buying your First Home" available by email.

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