HARP Program Homeowners who were unqualified for the Home Affordable Refinance Program might obtain relief through the HARP 2.0 program. The latter program offers revisions to ease the refinancing process for homeowners who lacked sufficient equity requirements under the original guidelines.

Mortgage Products Mortgage products provide secured forms of real estate financing. Many borrowers obtain long-term products to secure a low monthly payment. However, a variety of financing products may be used to meet your specific needs. Generally, an application is required to apply for a home loan. If you are shopping for a new home, a loan officer may be able to provide an approval for a property that you want to buy.

The day has finally come when you want to purchase that dream home. The chances are quite high that you have not the whole amount needed to finance your purchase.

Mortgages PreapprovalsMortgages and home loans payments consist of four components: principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. Lenders call these assessments PITI payments, using the first initial of each element. The monthly payment you must pay for a home loan depends