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Maryland First Time Home Buyer Programs                                                                                                  

Maryland first time home buyer programs are my specialty. Below are Maryland first time home buyer programs allowing you to buy a home with a low down payment. Many Maryland first time home buyers programs allow more debt than "conventional" loans making your dream of homeownership possible.

Email for questions about Maryland First Time Home Buyer Programs

  1. FHA for excellent Maryland First Time Home Buyer Programs – Often the best choice in first time home buyer programs.
  2. Aggressive Home Loan - FHA clone but allows 3% down payment to $417,000
  3. Neighborhood Advantage for Maryland First Time Home Buyers Programs  – 100% Financing. Requires good credit and has some income restrictions but great flexibility. 
  4. No down payment loan - First time home buyer program allows 100% financing.
  5. Nehemiah Foundation Program – No down payment program. Standard FHA underwriting guidelines.
  6. Nehemiah Conventional Program - Higher loan limits. 102% financing 1% down payment. 
  7. VA –100% to $240,000 including VA Funding Fee. 
  8. 80/20 –No money down combination program. 
  9. CreditFlex 97 – 97% LTV requires 1% cash. Remaining funds may be gift/loan with closing costs financed. 
  10. Purchase Power Loan – 97% LTV to $417,000. Down payment from any source. 
  11. Homebuyer's 107% LTV - 107% LTV. Purchase or refinance and finance the sales price, closing costs, and reduce your consumer debt all in one loan
  12. 103% LTV Program 30 year fixed rate or 7 year ARM program finances sales price and closing costs.
  13. No Documentation Loan - 100% LTV. Allows borrower with difficult to verify income or employment to avoid documentation hassles. 
  14. Combination financing - to 95% combined LTV. Referred to as 80/15/5 or 80/10/10.
  15. Teacher-Flex - Special program for teachers and school employees

I am seeing more first time homebuyers evaluating an interest only approach to help you qualify for a larger loan or to reduce your payment.

I have a page on calculating Maryland First time home buyer program qualification ratios. I have a page on Maryland first time home buyer mortgage documentation requirements.

Learn more about first time homebuyer programs in the Mortgage Library  I also have a Free report "Buying your First Home" available by email.

This gives you an idea of the variety of low down payment loans available for the first time home buyer. Please let me know your situation and I will prequalify you for several first time homebuyer programs. 

Here is a short PowerPoint presentation for first time home buyers that may be useful to you.

Be sure to visit the Mortgage Library

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Maryland First Time Home Buyer ProgramPrequalify for your Maryland First Time Home Buyer Program



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