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IRRL (Veterans Administration  Interest Rate Reduction Loan) 

Interested in lowering your monthly payment with NO out of pocket cost?     Consider using your IRRL benefit                          

The VA IRRL refinance loan allows you to reduce your monthly cost easily. The IRRL benefit offers:

  • Faster processing with an IRRL
  • Option to roll IRRL closing costs into the new IRRL loan so you'll have nothing to pay up-front
  • No credit evaluation on an IRRL
  • Lower monthly payments with an IRRL
  • No IRRL appraisal requirements in most situations
  • Faster equity growth if the IRRL term is reduced
  • Option to include up to 2 months payments into your IRRL loan allowing you to skip two payments
  • If the property is now rented, the veteran must certify they once lived in the property to qualify for the IRRL

Veterans with current VA loans can take advantage of lower rates and reduce monthly payments quickly and easily with radically reduced documentation requirements using an IRRL. The IRRL does not require any income, asset verification or credit report and it's available in fixed-rate mortgage options. This IRRL refinance program is part of your veterans benefit. If your interest rate is higher than today's low rates, you owe it to yourself to find out how much you can save with an IRRL. Email with questions on your IRRL

I have included some specific qualification IRRL guidelines for VA loan participation.

I have included information on the various VA IRRL Funding Fees as well.

For more information on your entitlement, please see the VA IRRL Entitlement page.

I have provided  a link to the Veterans Administration IRRL program description and FAQs  here

I have included a page on VA Loan  documentation requirements.

Calculate your "Payback Period"  to verify refinancing makes sense in your specific situation.

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