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The FHA ARM combines the low initial interest rate of an adjustable rate mortgage with the low down payment and liberal qualifying ratios of FHA-insured mortgages to produce one of the most affordable loan products. The FHA ARM also offers exceptional interest rate protection with annual and lifetime interest rate caps that are lower than most ARM programs, as well as an extended period before the first rate change (up to 18 months, depending on the closing date). The FHA ARM also offers a lower margin than other ARM programs, which helps to hold down rate changes. In some cases where my client was unable to qualify for another program, the FHA ARM allowed them to buy their home

FHA ARM Program fills these needs:

Borrower Need Feature
Home Affordability And Easy Qualification LTV less than 95% - qualify at the FHA ARM note rate.
Choosing a higher margin allows you to get a lower initial rate.
Payment Security First adjustment occurs 12 to 18 months after the first installment payment is due.
Interest rate on an FHA ARM cannot increase more than 1% per year or more than 5% over the life of the loan.
Speed  easier documentation requirements
 Prequalification fast and free
Special Advantage Assumable with qualifying
May refinance inexpensively into a fixed rate with lower closing costs.

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I have included a page on how to calculate your qualification ratios.

I have included a page on documentation requirements.

Learn more about improving your credit scores

As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, I offer an analysis of your situation today can make suggestions on how small changes in how your consumer and mortgage debt is structured today can have a life changing effect in the years to come.  Read more about this free, no obligation service.


FHA ARM program explained in detailPrequalify for your FHA ARM.


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