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How much can I save by consolidating my debt?

No dollar signs or commas. Fill out the black fields only. Click "Compute" for monthly payment Example: To compute monthly payments on a $5,000 debt at 20% interest for a 24 month desired payoff, just enter:

# of payments=24 Interest Rate=20 Principal=5000 (Your monthly payment will be $254.48 and total interest incurred over 24 months will be $1107.51)

Your Current Debt Arrangement
                             # of Payments   Interest Rate Principal  Monthly Payment Total Interest    
Debt #1
Debt #2
Debt #3
Debt #4
Debt #5
Debt #6
Debt #7
Debt #8
Debt #9
Debt #10
Compare Your Savings with a Consolidation Loan
  # of Payments   Interest Rate   Total Debt   Monthly Payment Total Interest
Consolidation  Loan

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