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Construction Loan Documentation                                                                    

When you are planning for a construction loan application, one of the most important steps you can take before you apply is to gather the construction loan documentation you may need to supply with your application. Which construction loan you select will determine the exact documentation requirements. I have categorized the requirements for your convenience.

Income Documentation

  • Last 2 years W2 forms.

  • Last 2 pay stubs (covering 1 month).

  • Last two years signed 1040s, all schedules if 25% or more of your income is from self employment, overtime, commissions, or employment by a relative.

  • Last 2 years business tax returns if you own 25% or more of a business.

  • Current business income statement.

  • Proof of Social Security, pension, or disability income.

Asset Information

  • Last 2 months bank statements - all pages.

  • Last quarter investment or trust accounts

  • Copies of stocks, bonds, or US savings bonds

  • Current statement for 401(k) or IRA accounts

  • Real Estate you now own: address, current value, loan balance, monthly payment, and rental income if any.

  • Listing agreement and sales contract if selling your current home.

  • Value of autos, boats and any other personal property.

Liability Information

  • Complete list of current debts and minimum monthly payments (may be taken from credit report).

  • Last 12 months cancelled checks (front and back) for rent or land contract.

Builder Information

  • Copy of your construction contract.

  • Copy of your HUD 1 if you already own the lot.

  • Copy of your builder's license.

  • Copy of your builder's financial statement

  • Copy of your builder's insurance policy

Miscellaneous Information which may be required

  • College diploma if graduated within last two years.

  • Copy of Drivers License or picture ID at closing.

  • Gift letter signed by donor and proof of receipt.

  • Landlords contact information.

  • Copy of your earnest money deposit check.

  • Contact name and phone for appraisers access to property.

  • Your Realtor's contact information.

As an alternative to the above requirements, we offer a series of reduced documentation construction loan products for clients with difficult to verify income or asset situations if you do not wish to provide the normal construction loan documentation.