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Commercial equity loan products are available to the small business owner or commercial property investor. Commercial equity loan products are flexible and can be an excellent financial tool. Commercial equity loan products are a viable alternative to an expensive commercial cash out refinance as the lender pays for almost everything with the exception of a commercial equity loan origination fee ranging from 1-1.5%. NO COMMERCIAL APPRAISAL FEES! No environmental fees. Nothing. Commercial equity loan products require very little documentation. No business or personal tax returns when owner occupied, just insurance and a copy of your last mortgage payment. For commercial property investors, just the last two years of Schedule E and copy of your leases. Commercial equity loan products are essentially stated income stated asset and only requires a simple 2 page application. Commercial equity loan products are truly the most useful new product to be available on commercial property in years. Email commercial equity loan questions

Commercial equity loan products can be set up as a fixed rate second mortgage or as a line of credit tied to the Prime Rate.

Commercial equity loan, Prime Rate based

Line goes to $500,000
Currently as low as Prime plus .75
Preapproval within 72 hours
30 day close
Can be structured as an Evergreen Contract and will remain in place so long as you have no late payments.

Commercial equity loan fixed rate second loan

Fixed periods from 5 to 15 years amortized up to 30 years
Rates as low at 7.27%
Loan goes to $500,000
Loan is in second position behind your existing financing or can be used as a traditional first mortgage with no third party fees
Low documentation and no ongoing financial reporting
45 day close

Eligible building types:

The following are eligible for 75% on a fixed rate loan or 70% on a line combined loan to value
Multi family with more than 5 units

The following are eligible for 60% combined loan to value
Assisted Living Facility
Auto Repair Shop
Daycare or Preschool
Gas stations less than 10 years old
Health Club
Mini Mart
Self Storage

I have included an Commercial Equity Loan FAQ on the product

I have a Commercial equity loan flyer with more information

Here is the simple two page application. Please print on legal and fax or email to me.

I also offer reduced documentation business equipment leasing

Read my new lock or float daily blog to see where rates are going

As a Certified Commercial Loans Planning Specialist, I offer an analysis of your situation today can make suggestions on how small changes in how your consumer and mortgage debt is structured today can have a life changing effect in the years to come.  Read more about this free, no obligation service.



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