Bank Foreclosures: Are They Worth Pursing?


home saleBuying bank foreclosure properties has proven to be one the easiest ways to save money on real estate. Foreclosed homes are a unique form of repossessed home buying. These homes often result after a homebuyer fails to bring their mortgage loan current (or make all delinquent payments). Consequently, foreclosed homes are sold at auction via the bank of mortgage loan institution to the public (or private investors) in order to recoup the default amount by the previous homeowner in order to settle the debt.

Why Are Foreclosures So Attractive?

Bank foreclosure properties have become an attractive investment tool given the fact that they sell for discounted prices far below their market value. Given the fact that the lending institution only collects a small portion of the loan required to settle the debt, this is great news for the investor as they can buy properties at a savings of as much as 50%-70% off of the market value of the home.

How to Save Money When Buying Repossessed Homes

The list of foreclosed homes abounds and unfortunately, is growing on a daily basis. By putting in the time now to perform research on what’s available, you have a great chance of landing the home of your dreams at an incredible bargain. In fact, the list of properties available is not subject to single family homes, but also condominiums, townhomes, lots of land, and even commercial sized properties.

However, finding these properties will require a bit on leg work on your part. One the most common routes travelled to find these types of listing is via federal government foreclosure listings and auctions which includes VA foreclosures and HUD homes for sale. Additionally, you can also register for listing available at reputable websites that list hundreds of state and local auctions monthly.

Choosing to Invest in Foreclosure Properties

Before you go about investing in bank foreclosure properties – or any REO property for that matter – be sure that thoroughly research how to navigate this process. You will need to equip yourself with all of nuances and ins and outs of buying repossessed properties to ensure that you receive the best deal possible, without getting stuck with more than you bargained for. Additionally, during your search, be sure that you all well-versed on the hidden costs of foreclosure properties as well as how to avoid potential tax liens on properties which could come back to hurt you – and your potential savings.

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